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Helping companies, organisations and production companies to strive for better, and more engaging content.

In this era, business, market, user and customer data and insight are becoming even more accessible and ubiquitous. Good technology, software and production methods are too. Hence, creating an intuitive e-commerce service, a functional digital bank or a decent brand identity isn’t overwhelmingly challenging. (They can all actually be bought out-of-the-box). Therefore, what will differentiate one brand, product or service from another and make it more desirable for their target audiences, isn’t just its functionality. It’s also how it’s experienced in terms of visual design, interaction design, motion design, content, messaging and code. However, great experiences are starting to become commoditized too. Just think about how many great brands, services and products you can choose from in any given category these days.

This is why our conviction is that businesses and brands need to push their experiences to even more interesting domains. Not only in order to differentiate and disrupt, but to also attract and retain users, customers, employees and investors. All while, of course, still maintaining the relevance, coherence and authenticity that build from good market and customer data, and tech. We think that true magic only happens on the intersection between the rational and irrational. In-between order and chaos. This, we argue, is the consequence of acknowledging the qualities of both the left and right cerebral hemispheres, in a symbolic, but also in a very practical sense. I.e., with regard to how spoiled we all are with great experiences; business and brand owners (and often their entire organizations!) need the courage and boldness to go out on a limb and explore the unknown.

Doing so, by informing and inspiring their experiences with art, poetry, punk, quirkiness, beauty, philosophy, culture, pop-culture or whatever else that can create what is more immersive. Adding to this, considerations with regard to social, societal and sustainability issues must, of course, also be made.


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